fieldset disabled not working

WITHOUT the code block: Horizontal tabs are completely empty. When not to use a fieldset and legend. We can associate an HTMLFieldSet reference to a Node only if the Node has an HTMLFieldSet ancestor. Labels. Disabled elements are usually rendered in gray by default in browsers. bug. You should not use the

and when: You have a single form field that asks for a single piece of information. May be fixed by largerock/largerock.com#5. An element is disabled if it can't be activated (selected, clicked on, typed into, etc.) Syntax: Example: Hi I have a strange problem - I have two fieldsets, each conceptually the child of a radio button, so that when the parent radio is unchecked, it's associated child controls will be disabled. It is a boolean attribute. The disabled attribute can be set to keep a user from using the fields until some other condition has been met (like selecting a checkbox, etc.). But collapsible fieldsets do not work in any of them. A disabled fieldset is unusable and un-clickable. $('#myfieldset').prop('disabled',true) It is more correct with regard to the DOM. The disabled attribute is a boolean attribute. No content is shown at all. The disabled attribute for