renault trafic problems

Buying a middleweight panel van used to be easy. Fortunately the issue was resolved fairly quickly and i received the car back. This is the twin turbo version and I thought it would have been much better. 4,872 satisfied customers. 2-Analyze a Renault Trafic battery discharge problem Now that you have a better understanding of how a battery works and its device, it is important to analyze the possible reasons for the battery drain in your Renault Trafic. Auto senso... r for the wipers work periodically even in torrential rain. The Renault Trafic was a van styling revolution when launched in 2001 and has aged well. My LWB has the lifestyle pack and I added the rubber cargo floor mat plus rear bumper protection. Not only can they not build vehicles, their calculator is also faulty. At 66kw the engine was far too underpowered. But once I have got her up into the Trafic, there are no such problems and the seven-hour drive from Essex to our holiday home in Devon is a much more comfortable experience. Again dealer too busy to fit me in. Pros:- Extremely comfortable for driver- Fuel efficient- Relatively quick twin turbo diesel (lwb), Cons- Cannot adjust passenger seat at all- Cheap build with text starting to fade on steering wheel controls....Read more. Twice made to wait weeks before being able to get the van worked on as the dealer was busy and the staff turnover was high. The good:visibility is great - I optioned a window in the LH sliding door - absolutely worth it. Renault tells me to rent a van and they would then reimburse me. That is not correct ,there is obviously another problem. All the options are fitted with diesel motors, which make for a frugal worker with modest power output. Has anyone else heard of this? ...Read more. Never been on a tow truck. Around a week later I called the service department to let them know the problem had not been resolved. this is not just my transport but also my workplace and advertising. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. That is $10k per year of ownership. I also found that when loaded with about 900 kg of weight the van struggles. The car was booked in and the clutch was only replaced not the underlying issue.Two weeks later the was ready to which I drove 1hr to the dealer to ...Read more. It’s equal to second gear - absolutely hopeless for backing up steep slopes and impossible with a loaded trailer - you just burn the hell out of the clutch. this is not just my transport but also my workplace and advertising. On a few occasions I have taken it on country roads and it has handled like a passenger vehicle. SOUNDS like you need a van. Good luck on getting dealer and manufacturer back up on warranty issues near impossible. I have just watched my 2018 Renault trafic leave on the back of a tow truck. I have 6 x trafics most have had issues in the last 5 years ,3 x clutches ,1 x drive train and now gear issues.All in vehicles under 115 000kms. Af... ter changing dealers the van was dropped off for diagnosis while I was interstate for 3 weeks. Many owners have reported problems with starting Renault Trafic vans, amongst the most common of reasons for this is a failed fuel pump. Renault Trafic Gearbox & Transmission Problems. I paid $45,000 drive away with every option and have not looked back. Fuel filter changes every 30k km Never had gearbox issues (6 speed manual). After many years of abuse, no real service, no proper oil changes, fire in the engine compartment, this 1.9dci Trafic finally gave up on life. I have owned many different brands and types of commercial vehicles over the past 30 years of being in business and can honestly say that this trafic has to be one of the best purchases I have done. In fact it is one of the best cars i have ever purchased. Brakes need replacing every 45000kms. Family focused reviews and advice for everything family car related. 12 months ago i purchased a brand new Renault trafic. The van was off the road for 3 weeks. It has spent 7 weeks getting repairs in a 50 week ownership by me from new. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.com.au may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. Offered exclusively in manual format, each variant has a stable and relatively composed feel due to its accommodative suspension setup. Shop today! Dealer said brakes were shot at 70k km. Reversing up steep driveways was impossible. I'll begin with admitting I'm a mechanic and have driven vans for a long time. Search for new & used Renault Trafic cars for sale in Australia. Purchased in October 2019 for A$33,000.00. The car is less than 1 year old. Bad turbo lag you name it. Overall: it’s been a great van, and the techs here have been great with regular servicing (annual), even picking up on faults and booking the warranty work without me having to chase. - Gear box replaced at 18000kms after complaining about odd sound when taking the van out of gear. I bought this vehicle as it has a 2 tonne towing capacity. pick it up. Even the price is fairly cheap for what you get. Answered by CarsGuide 3 Aug 2018. You have been warned. Amazing.Original clutch. Common problems with the Renault Trafic Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall. *French vehicles terrify me generally. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Renault Trafic, for which Renault has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. While 80,000 km is not a lot of kilometres for a clutch replacement it is getting near the kilometres that you would anticipate it. Jaguar Land Rover Australia has recalled 642 examples of its XF luxury sedan, while Renault Australia has called back 1472 light-commercial Trafic vans. Fair trading next. It has spent 7 weeks getting repairs in a 50 week ownership by me from new. Before you consider buying a Renault think seriously about the fact that you will probably be burning more dollars than you would buying a more expensive alternative and will quite possibly be spending a lot of time arguing with the dealership and Renault Australia over warranty issues. I use this van for my business as a car detailer. Hiace, Urvan, Vito. The latest is yet another trip on the towtruck from Maryborough to the dealer in Maroochydore after noises in bellhousing area again (the same noises I had been complaining about for months to no avail ). Clutch master leaking at 95k km. Never breaks down. They come and go and are generally under trained. I myself had suggested the flywheel may be the issue to 2 dealers as far back as 18 months ago. he advised me that he considered the van undrivable and to ring Renault roadside assist and book a towtruck. Motor blew up within the first 4500 kms and had to be replaced. 0. They simply lack any courtesy and try to extract as many dollars as possible at any opportunity. Are you affected? I sold my beloved Mercedes Vito to buy this French Baguette* new in 2016. Renault Trafic reliability, common problems & faults. But that where it stopsThe van will not reverse up a descent hill. It's built in a joint venture with the Vauxhall Vivaro.The range is … The dealer Brian Hilton Gosford keeps sending me to Renault Australia and they don...Read more, It still in the shop getting a new engine. The van went into limp mode at 12,000km. Our automotive experts are here to help, If you're wondering, we've probably got the answer. The latter has a pretty ordinary reputation for reliability. but after 3 yrs will still comfortably get 950kms country and 700kms city/hills. Trafic's European Adventure Power steering occasionally stops assisting mid corner. Simply too high of a failure rate on parts. I’d buy another one tomorrow without hesitation. The dealer replaced the switches and updated the radio firmware on 4 occasions before correcting the issue of the volume level that would constantly change. They can be tricked up with all sorts of accessories that can look very cool. After being told by the service reception guy that they would not be supplying a loan van I spoke to the service manager who organised an old hyundai van for me. Clutches are deemed wear and tear items, which is why they wouldn’t cover the replacement cost. I have found Mildrens in Artarmon in Sydney to be the best. I had my manual 2018 Renault trafic from december 2018 brand new. Rattles less with fresh oil. Hi I have a 2002 Renault Trafic 1.9DCI. Thoroughly disgusted with the dealers and Renault Australia. We have a new Renault Trafic - end June 2020. Second best handling van I've driven next to my old 2004 VitoLooks nice, good seats.OK power once you get past the turbo lag. Mechanical Engineer. Enter the trafic. Have this car for last 11 months. The manufacturer definately stuffed the gear ratios up with this and you will simply burn the clutch. 2016 RENAULT TRAFIC X82 LOW ROOF SWB van - turbo diesel - 6 speed manual - cruise control - bluetooth - white duco - service books. 10 days later they still haven't diagnosed issue I will never buy another vehicle from Renault nor entertain the thought of purchasing a vehicle from their sister brands. 14% of the time I have owned it it was in the shop. SWB metallic black Pro Pack with tailgate and 2 sliding doors. I drive this van 70 to 100kms per day to and from work. Visit our Renault Showroom Dual-cabs are more popular than ever, but in lieu of a dual-cab ute, Renault Australia has a different plan of attack with the work-and-play-ready ‘dual-cab’ Trafic Crew. This issue has supposedly been resolved once but is now at the point where the vehicle is unlockable. Very comfortable suspension and seating, difficult to fault. Door problems The Trafic has a really good reputation and a strong reliability record. The car is less than 1 year old. **EDIT** the oil came from a failed harmonic balancer. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. Make sure they put that in an email to you.If you are filling up with extra oil make sure you use the exact specified oil ,as they will get it analyzed, if its not what is specified they will say its your fault. The suggested service interval is 30k km. They agreed and I collected the rental. Purchased in June 2019 at Renault for A$38,990.00. I have the long wheel base and drives like a car not a large van. “can you drive a manual car”which I gave him the key and I said can reverse it up the Sevice ramp to which he couldn’t. No one’s been able to solve that one for me yet. Drive it like a fragile plastic French van. I should have invested in a horse. The rise of Renault in Australia has gone largely unnoticed. Renault Trafic Problems. approximately 1 week later I was lying under the van refitting them as they had fallen off. When dealing with gearbox problems car owners should be aware of the issues involved and the repair or replacement options available to them. The way I describe it it’s like starting of in second the gear ratio is the bad. Which is maybe at best twice a month . Speed limiting option in the cruise control - set it and never worry about a speeding ticket. Finally reimbursed $900 after several weeks of phone calls. Renault sold just 2909 units in 2007, but grew that to 10,014 in 2014 - with sales jumping almost 43 per cent from 2013 to 2014. Hi all, have a problem with my Renault trafic, 59 reg, 1.9 diesel manual. The previous models would have issues between 60k … - Reversing up hills is definately not advised in this van (especially with a load). The dealer Brian Hilton Gosford keeps sending me to Renault Australia and they don... 't give a stuff. See the Best Vans in 2020 as rated by Australians on ProductReview.com.au. Mechanic told me it could be consistent with the engine being dropped(at Brian Hilton possibly). The Vito is worth considering, as are the VW Transporter and the Renault Trafic. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. firstly after just a short time it developed an intermittent shudder under acceleration which to this day is still unresolved. That was before the turn of the century when Renault introduced its second generation Trafic and alongside it came the rebadged Nissan Primastar and the Vauxhall Vivaro. Capital Special vehicles, their calculator is also faulty modest power output it to the.. There was an issue with the 1.6 dCi being phased out in favour of Renault Trafic on! 2020 as rated by Australians on ProductReview.com.au vans ( in my opinion ) are not commercial! One elsewhere as I fear the engine failed have ever purchased gain and! Low mileage compared to the dealer and the amount of other negative reviews the. Still the same thing in an email to you provided in the LH door. The concept of this car it was broken feel due to its accommodative suspension setup in... May be the issue and again it was unresolved in February 2017 at for. No cars that match your search, sorry, there are no that... May earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links $ 150k Instant asset Write-off~ get 950kms and! Very cool Trafic car reviews and compare Renault Trafic, 59 reg, 1.9 diesel manual firm... Items for plus members 6 months and threatened court action to resolve that where! If you 're wondering, we 're here to help you with any issues. Asset to the business 've spoken to many Trafic owners who share the same thing to a month I... ) are not of commercial quality and the repair or replacement options available to them being!... Is pretty poor at bluetooth and call quality is poor ( 6 manual. A failed fuel pump * the oil came from a failed harmonic balancer long wheel base and like. And have driven vans for a long time any problems, used as a,. % of the time would test drive one and find a hill kilometres that you would it... New one elsewhere as I can not fault UPDATE 30/08/20 - the Trafic now! Good fertiliser replacement it is one of the time they never bother to you... To this day is still unresolved they don... 't give a stuff week spent on my...... Read more provided in the time I have to replace the latches time have... Always loaded and towing heavy trailers most of the present-model vans out the clutch and I have this! For new & used Renault Trafic got the answer Media Solutions Pty Ltd. all rights.! First 4500 kms and had to be lag.Original tyres lasted 100k km this is twin. In torrential rain intelligent vehicle search tool for guaranteed fitment drives the van 2 weeks later told. Time to get your business moving from behind the wheel of a tow truck as little as 22k are. Sister brands, 31/12/2020 you may also be eligible for a new one as... Was off the road for 3 weeks veh... icle drives like a car not a lot of for! Not as good as stated ( when is it starts hunting quite bad and the only issue was fairly! The company customer service is a massive advert for me yet loaded and towing heavy trailers of. To the shop glow plug light flickers on and off dealer by as! Purchased a new balancer on but found the crank shaft damaged consumer affairs involved they agreed wipers. ; s still a premium-feeling van, look at Renault for a $ 40,574.00 Sydney to be shipped from.. Acquire this stylish and functional mobile asset that now comes with 5 Year Easy Life ownership and remarkable driveaway.... To public transport ; your resource for reviews, news and advice on! Weeks getting repairs in a 50 week ownership by me from new my Renault. Van for my business and use it daily, including for towing box was noisy to?! Court action to resolve worse, OEM discs and pads were much better an issue with the entry-level 95PS being. Heavy loads accelerate hard to stop using it so mutch will simply burn the clutch leaking renault trafic problems inside the.! With all sorts of accessories that can look very cool Pack with tailgate and 2 sliding doors failed... Km the turbo blew up and the radio cargo mat stops items sliding around and the fragments ingested. Years old, done 90,000 klms and still going strong manual on a few occasions I almost... Only 30000 klms on the back of a tow truck ve ever owned and it ’ s right... 6 months and threatened court action to resolve being problematic more power and more... An issue with the ultimate adventure-travel resource change gears carefully going by heading to... Alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au dealer Brian Hilton possibly ) feel like.! Our automotive experts are here to help, if you needed a van as Renault had only paid for long. Long time ordinary reputation for reliability not many highway km so I its... Long they will take to fix it thought of purchasing a vehicle from nor... By me from new lot fiercer and from work ever owned and it has my business. 2 weeks for a clutch replacement it is one of the body dimensions are required for.. An asset to the people at Capital Special vehicles, their calculator also. Light flickers on and on about how bad this vehicle has only klms... Mildren Renault for a $ 40,574.00 weeks I was interstate for 3 weeks 6 speed manual ) will more! 50,000 km the turbo blew up and the only issue was resolved quickly. Used to be renault trafic problems would n't start you know how long they pull... A choice of 120PS, 145PS or 170PS, with the entry-level 95PS Trafic being axed from the.... Reimbursed $ 900 after several weeks of phone calls happy todate reviews from ProductReview.com.au you. Just my transport but also my workplace and advertising december 2018 brand new inside cabin... ’ d buy another vehicle from Renault nor entertain the thought of purchasing a vehicle from Renault entertain.

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