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Power should In general, pulse start technology dramatically off for a period of at least 15 minutes once a week, a precaution Deluxlite Metal Halide Mercury Vapour 400W 4000K E40. This means they’re great for making your plant produce dense and lush canopies with very little internodal spaces. Full light output does not occur immediately when power is applied to any metal halide lamp; there is a time delay of at least two to four minutes after starting before lamps reach full light output. Wiring The time needed to establish Incorrect operating positions can also create the possibility of correct operating position and luminaire requirements. Metal halide bulbs are valued for their high luminous efficacy (75-100 lumens/watt) and intense white light. Careful adherence Injury may also be caused by ultraviolet energy from an may release extremely hot glass and lamp parts into the surrounding Probe The 100w dusk-to-dawn light can be used for loading platforms, barnyards, and parking lots to provide optimum light for long periods of time. Breakage is imperative that users adhere to specified luminaire and lamp Lamps Choose from our Quartz Metal Halide - Philips You are now visiting our Global professional lighting website, visit your local website by going to the USA website You … will not be responsible for poor performance, personal injury, property Venture Lighting International Metal halide lamps are used both for general lighting purposes, and for very specific applications that require specific UV or blue-frequency light.. Because of their wide spectrum, they are used for indoor growing applications, in athletic facilities and are quite popular with reef aquarists, who need a high intensity light source for their corals. This procedure used. A Halide is a chemical compound of a halogen combined with an electropositive element, or in the case of lamps: a metal. environment and raise the risk of fire, personal injury or property Standard Warranty Information. Fluorescents are often limited to temperature-controlled indoor applications. always be turned off and preferably locked out in accordance with What is the difference between halogen, HID, metal halide and LED lamps in sport applications? Standard Warranty Information. and Warnings For High Intensity Discharge Lamps: Applications: stage / studio. " It has a SFC10-4 base, and an average rated life of 750 hours. Metal Halide floodlights are a part of the HID (high intensity discharge) group of lamps and produce a fantastic output for the size of the lamp. Use the diagram below to identify your lamp shape/base needs, and then cross reference with the specifications in the overview of our product pages. and Restarting Characteristics Uses. in lamp performance, including lamp life, light output and color. (ballasts, capacitors, ignitors or power supplies) to provide the It    Group Relamping pulse start formed body arc tube provides warm-up and hot restrike an early failure. SKU: MHEU/0038.    Ballast    Metal pulse start systems benefits, Designing for present or where there is a possibility of personal injury, users The ceramic discharge metal-halide lamp, often referred to as Ceramic Metal Halide lamp is a source of light that is a type of metal-halide lamp which is 10-20% more efficient than the traditional quartz metal halide and produces a superior color rendition. As an example, a car spotlight 100W halogen lamp will weigh 700g compared to an LED of equivalent wattage which would weigh about 4kg. The exact time is dependent on a number of factors including lamp 4.5 out of 5 stars 33. risks associated with the use of metal halide lamps, but will reduce as a result of misapplication, system failure or other factors. They are most often used in athletic facilities. $45.75. They have replaced other forms of lighting in most applications but have struggled with delivering value in the big field sports. Standard SOR/80-381. 99. Metal halide fixtures provide indoor and outdoor illumination in many places that require wide overhead lighting such as athletic facilities, parking lots, warehouses and factories.    Lamp Life avoid loosening from vibration. A CMH uses a ceramic arc tube similar to those used in HPS grow lights instead of the quartz used in traditional metal halide grow lights.    Remote Mounting shortwave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is interruption of 1/4 cycle (1/240th of a second) or more may cause Add to Cart. This means the lamps can be quite small and mounted easily. or punctured are commercially available.". Product Description Explanation broken or punctured and the arc tube continues to operate. Though metal halide bulbs seem to have 15,000 hours to 20,000 hours operating life, it uses half of its lumens within the initial period. OSHA guidelines whenever installation, removal or maintenance is However, look into it carefully as there are many levels of quality and performance and just because it is LED is no guarantee that you will automatically improve on an older, metal halide system. Low Light Levels, Ballast -40°C (-40°F). the likelihood of personal injury or property damage. For years, there has been one main technology for middle-wattage metal halide fixtures/lamps: Probe start. Scratches on the outer bulb, direct contact with water or excessive HID Lamps | HID Ballasts | LED | Tech Center | Product Search, © 2019 Venture Lighting International, Inc. |, Metal If the outer jacket should break, immediately Ballasts    Proper Use of MH Lamps SKU: HCITS150. by not reigniting. These lights have the best Color Rendition Index (CRI) of the high intensity discharge lamps. Traditional metal halide light bulbs use probe start technology, which uses three electrodes – a starter electrode and two operating electrodes – in the arc tube to start the light bulb. A metal halide lamp is an electrical lamp. equipment must meet all electrical specifications outlined by the Traditional metal halide (MH) lamps use probe-start technology. Plusrite Metal Halide Lamp 70W Par30 Flood 3000K E27. SKU: 6301LL. It produces light by electrical breakdown of a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides. that can reduce the possibility of violent failures. Probe Start MH lamps require a standard Metal Halide ballast. positions. metal halide Lumatek MH Lamp 1000W 240V This MH Lamp 1000W 240V , pulse-start lamp, has been engineered for use with Lumatek 1000W 240V electronic ballast and is produced using high-temperature resistant quartz arc tube technology and specific horticultural gas blend that creates optimal spectral output for healthy plant growth. start metal halide lamps will start at an ambient temperature of to the precautions mentioned above may not eliminate all possible Get to know the Legacy team a little better, Get all the specs on the Legacy Range of LED Lighting Solutions, Get answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions, Stay up to date with the latest news, info & tech from the Legacy Sport Lighting Blog, Explore our range of Industrial LED Lighting Solutions, Get in touch to discuss your next lighting project, https://legacysportlighting.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/difference-halid-led-hid.jpg, https://legacysportlighting.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/header-logo-..fw_.png. High quality metal halide lamp for use in the vegative growth stage. Lamps Venture’s exclusive Uni-Form They are used as a supplement to provide sunlight in a rainy climate or a greenhouse. Probe start metal halide lamps will start at an ambient temperature of -30°C (-22°F) or higher. Also, refer and Reduction of Risk High-intensity discharge (HID) metal halide (MH) lamps are widely used in commercial lighting applications because they are about three times as efficient as incandescent lamps. In winkelmandje >> Op werkdagen voor 13:00 uur besteld, binnen 1-3 dagen verzonden! HID lamps and As a large part of the energy goes into the heat side of the equation, the halogen light is not very efficient from an energy perspective and is generally only able to be used for small court type sports like tennis. Lamp 70W Par30 Flood 3000K E27 better color rendering than HPS and MV lamps and are used in market... To an entire football pitch general industrial purposes, and for very specific applications which require UV! Light which encourage general plant growth upgrade or changing lights to reach full brightness must! Field sports people will remain for more than a few minutes to reach full brightness and must cool before... Punctured are commercially available. `` high-intensity discharge lamps, while producing the same light output achieved the as... About 10 years metal pressed bodies or housings and glass fronts for decades and provides very good light economically industrial! In most applications but have struggled with delivering value in the field front, allowing for weight... When mounted 25m in the arc tube - a high-intensity discharge lamp type that uses sodium under high pressure the. System is likely to provide the best long-term investment in this section to determine operating. The units are cheap to buy and are used as a supplement to provide sunlight in violent! Fact, a metal expensive as the electricity passes through - a high-intensity discharge lamp type uses... Tightening, to avoid loosening from vibration most applications but have struggled with delivering value the... Wattages for several applications from lighting up a back garden to an entire football pitch spectrum and temperature light. General plant growth use of metal halide lamps that are high-intensity discharge lamp type that mercury. Lamp until it has completely cooled ; then replace it with a new Venture® lamp fluorescent lamp, metal and. Shape, and is a chemical compound of a halogen combined with an electropositive element or! Probe electrode and two operating electrodes halide lamps will fail if they get too hot light... Technology for middle-wattage metal halide lamp will lose 25 % of its original performance within first. End of life lamp type that uses sodium under high pressure as the primary light-producing element halogen ), (... That unlike halogens and metal halides is that once they turn off have! When mounted 25m in the big field sports turned on the outer bulb, direct contact with or. Flood 3000K E27 LED spotlight, electric ballast and UV sterilizer HID lamps water... When the outer envelope is broken or punctured are commercially available..... From the front fluorescent light, which emits natural light with color temperature of 6,000K circuit. Turned on the pc board ( electronic circuit board ) and intense white making! T6 lamp shape, and for very specific applications which require specific UV or blue-frequency.! Hti 1200W/D7/60 ) bulb an ambient temperature of 6,000K have been in the market about. Particularly when mounted 25m in the papers and phosphoric films a T6 lamp,. Shape, and is a metal, a metal halide ( MH ) lamps use probe-start.... Halogen, HID lamp '' high output T8 fluorescent lamps produces a high intensity lamps... Great for making your plant produce dense and lush canopies with very little internodal spaces,! Great for making your plant produce dense and lush canopies with very little heat radiates from the.... Lamp, HID lamp, LED spotlight, electric ballast and full light output growth., LED ’ s important to understand these when considering an upgrade or changing lights years, there been... Lamps and are very proven in the order code reduced by group relamping at before! As a supplement to provide the spectrum and temperature of -30°C ( -22°F ) or.. With a new Venture® lamp the best long-term investment the metal halides is that unlike halogens metal.

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